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Fabulous cabochons

Designer Puca goes beyond beads with gorgeous line of cabs
Puca cabs

You may be familiar with beads like the Kheops par Puca and Arcos par Puca, but did you know Puca also has cabochons? Her cabs come in both 18 mm and 25 mm and are available in several colors and finishes. I love how the marble-type finish on some of them gives a vintage look, and the pearl coating has a soft romantic look to them. You can find them at

For those who don’t know too much about Puca herself, she is a very talented designer from France, and has been beading for more than 15 years and designing for at least 10. When she would stitch from a pattern, she would find herself changing parts of the pattern into something new, so becoming a designer herself was an easy transition. From there she went on to designing her own bead shapes.

Puca Beads
Shown clockwise from top-left: Super Kheops par Puca, Kheops par Puca, Arco par Puca, Minos par Puca, Ios par Puca, and Tinos par Puca. 
Her first shape was the Kheops par Puca bead. It took a year to design it, and is now available in ore than 130 colors. The next three beads – Arcos par Puca, Minos par Puca, and Iso par Puca – are designed to all work together. Her two newest bead shapes are the Tinos par Puca and the Super Kheops par Puca. The Tinos par Puca beads are trapezoid-shaped, and were inspired by nature and butterflies, and the Super Kheops par Puca bead is a 3D version of the original Kheops beads. 
Arco Deco necklace
Puca’s beads are available online or at your local bead store, and you can find her Arco Deco necklace in the December 2016 issue of Bead&Button and her Twist and Turn earrings in the February 2017 issueof Bead&Button. Both are also available for purchase as downloadable PDFs at Visit Puca's etsy site to see more of Puca’s designs.