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Finding time for beading


Can’t seem to find the time to bead? Jane Danley Cruz’s new book, Ready, Set, Bead, has that covered. We’ve all had our share of unfinished projects, and being a beader for more than 25 years, Jane understands the difficulties of trying to finish a project in an evening or a weekend. Her new book helps you organize your time so that you can create beautiful projects in the time you have available.

Jane’s book is arranged in chapters by the amount of time it takes to complete the project. They range from 1–4 hours, and have 6–7 projects in each chapter. The amount of time they take you may vary depending on your skill level and how fast you can stitch, but it gives you a good baseline from which to work. She also has a basics section that has information about beads, tools, findings, and basic beading techniques.
Chapter 1 projects can be completed in about an hour and are great when you want to sneak in a little beading on a busy day. 
Chapter 2 offers a wide variety of projects that will take about two hours to complete. Great when you have an evening to just sit back and enjoy some beading.
Chapter 3 projects will take — you guessed it — about three hours to complete, so these projects might be good for a weekend when you have a little more free time.

Chapter 4 projects will take the longest, maybe four or more hours, but they will be well worth the time.

Check out the rest of Jane’s projects in her new book, which is available at Kalmbach's Happy beading!