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Berry vines necklace

Corrugated wire segments create a shapely base for beads attached with wire.


  • sterling silver wire, round, dead-soft
    • 18-gauge (1.02 mm), 3 ft. (91.4 cm)
    • 28-gauge (0.32 mm), 20 ft. (6 m)
  • pendant of your choice
  • 100 3 mm round beads
  • 7 4 mm jump rings
  • clasp
  • Wirework toolbox
  • Tube-Wringer corrugator
  • 9 in. (22.9 cm) 3 mm Ultrasuede cut into three 3-in. (76 mm) pieces


Photo 1

Corrugated wire segments 

1. Place a strip of Ultrasuede and 3 in. (76 mm) of 18-gauge (1.02 mm) wire in a corrugator so 1/2 in. (13 mm) is extending from the rollers (PHOTO 1).

Corrugate the wire, counting 20 clicks. This will result in approximately 10 ripples, which we will refer to as peaks and valleys from this point on. You want 10 peaks and 11 valleys.

Photo 2
Photo 3

2. Be sure the first and last ripple end at the top of a peak (PHOTO 2). Use chainnose pliers to flatten one end so the end ripples match or to remove any excess ripples.


3. Trim the wire so there is 1/2 in. (13 mm) of straight wire remaining on each side. Make a loop on each end perpendicular to the ripples (PHOTO 3). Make eight segments.

Photo 4
Photo 5

Embellished segments 


4. Hold a segment so the peaks and valleys face you and the loops are to the back of the piece. This is the front of the segment.

Cut 24 in. (61.0 cm) of 28-gauge (0.32 mm) wire, and thread 1/4 in. (6.5 mm) through the left loop of a wire segment to anchor the wire. Using the longer wire end, wrap the wire around the peaks and valleys toward you, keeping the wraps as tight as possible (PHOTO 4). 


5. Once you reach the other end, turn the piece over so you are looking at the back. The wire will be on the left again. Wrap two times away from you until you reach the center of the first valley. String a bead on the wire, and wrap around the next valley, nestling the bead under the first peak (PHOTO 5). Repeat to attach 10 beads. Less wire shows on the front, making that side look neat and tidy.

Photo 6

6. When you are finished attaching the last bead, wrap twice, trim all the tails, and tuck in any sharp ends. Straighten the beads if needed, and slightly curve the segment (PHOTO 6).


Pendant frame and assembly

7. Measure the perimeter of your pendant. Cut 18-gauge (1.02 mm) wire to twice this length plus 1 in. (25.5 mm). Corrugate the wire, leaving 1/2 in. (13 mm) straight on each end. Make a loop on each flat end. 

    Wrap the peaks and valleys with wire and beads as in “Embellished segments.” Shape the component to frame the pendant. 

    String a jump ring through one loop of the pendant frame, through the pendant, and then through the second loop of the pendant frame. Before closing the jump ring, string a corrugated wire segment on each side. Close the jump ring (PHOTO 7). Continue assembling the necklace with jump rings. Attach half of a clasp to each end. Patinate with liver of sulfur if desired.