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The winners of BUMP IN THE NIGHT

Learn more about the four stunning pieces of jewelry that made our hearts stop in October
Autumn shadows arrive and the crunch of dried leaves fills the air. A spooky house at the end of a deserted road is filled with secrets. Something wicked this way comes … are you frightened? At the stroke of midnight on October 31, our monthly Design Challenge concluded...

And now we're pleased to share the jewelry created by designers who were inspired by A BUMP IN THE NIGHT.

NIGHT SKY, a pendant by Audra Baade of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, sent a delicious shiver down our spines. Says Audra:

"Although the night can be beautiful, it can also be mysterious. Anything can be lurking in the dark."

This bib necklace is made from hand-sawn and stamped sterling silver, with a labradorite cabochon and round beads. 

Learn more about Audra's work at her website, Lost Sparrow Jewelry, or shop her Etsy site!

Our next winner also hails from the Milwaukee area: Karen Domine is from Waukesha, WI (also the home of the Facet Jewelry and Bead&Button offices!). Her SPOOKY SCENE BRACELET is a gorgeous mixed metals piece, featuring copper, brass, and silver. 

To learn more about Karen, check out her Facebook page!
Our READER'S CHOICE AWARD winner should be familiar to Facet readers, as she also won our MYTH AND FOLKLORE Design Challenge for April 2017! Sally Battis lives in East Haven, Connecticut, where she runs

Her winning piece, WITCHY WOMAN, is a Fill-the-Gap beaded braid necklace. Done in wonderful Halloween colors, it's fit for the Witchy Woman within you!

And last, but certainly not least, we have this WISE OWL BROOCH, made for us by Natalia Staroseltceva of Keszthely, Hungary! 

She tells us, "Owls are companions of the night. They are noiseless and mysterious." We agree!

The brooch is made in the steampunk style from wood and resin. It is hand-painted, and includes details from old watches.

To learn more about Natalia's jewelry, check out her Facebook page and her Instagram, both under the name tashadecor! 

Congratulations to all of our winners, we're so pleased that you participated!
Impressed? We are, too! We love to see what our readers create and we'd love to have you participate in our next monthly Design Challenge!!

Winter is settling in and more time is spent indoors by the fire. As days grow darker and colder, we get cosy, light candles, and settle in with tea or cocoa and a new novel. We begin to prepare for time with family and feasting. Where does your jewelry take you during these gray, gusty days? Do you bead crochet, or torch fire metal? Settle in with embroidery, or perhaps weave some wire? Show us what keeps you warm as we prepare for the coming cold during November!

Our Design Challenge A CHILL IN THE AIR will run from November 1 to November 29. Submit a photo of your work, the materials that you used, and a brief description of how your piece fits the theme. At the conclusion of the contest, the Facet editorial staff will vote, and our favorite pieces will be announced.

There will also be a Reader's Choice Award! Voting opens on Friday, November 17, and runs through midnight on Sunday, December 3. You may submit two (2) different pieces of jewelry for each monthly contest (one photo of each).