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Create beautiful jewelry every month

The Facet Jewelry Box is ready to ship! Fabulous jewelry making supplies, delivered to your doorstep.
The new Facet Jewelry Box

We're making it easy to give yourself the time to be creative and make beautiful jewelry with a brand-new subscription that brings all the supplies and instructions directly to your mailbox. Whether you are an expert jewelry maker or a beginner beader, our complete step-by-step instructions, full-color photos, and easy-to-follow illustrations will ensure success as you make two new pieces of jewelry each month.  


STEP 1. Choose your style of jewelry making.

The Quick & Easy Stringing Box features fabulous beads and components that work up quickly for a great piece that you can make today and wear tonight. Beads, wire, toggles, clasps, and other findings are all included. 

The Bead Stitching Box features more complex patterns and advanced projects that use different beading stitches. High quality materials like Miyuki beads and Fireline are standard in every box. 

STEP 2. Choose your subscription. 

There are plans to meet every budget. Just want to try a box to see what it's like? Okay! It's $24.95 per month to sign up. That will auto-renew each month, but if you'd like to opt out, no problem, just let us know before the next box is scheduled to ship, and we'll cancel your membership.

Ready to commit to three months? Your cost goes down to $24 per month. Six months? $23.50! If you know what you love and want it to arrive for an entire year, your cost per month is only $23.00. The catch: longer subscriptions (at the lower monthly price) need to be paid in full upfront. If you want a year's subscription but would rather pay monthly, simply sign up for the basic month-by-month plan.

No matter what option you choose, your shipping is FREE within the US. Don't live in the US but still want to bead? International shipping options are available as well.

STEP 3. Wait for your box to arrive!

This is the hardest step!! The first boxes will ship in mid-January. After that, each month, a new box will ship after the 20th day of the month. Want to skip this month's box? Just let us know before the 20th of that month, and you won't be billed. They will ship US Priority Mail, so depending on where you live, by the first day of each month you'll have two new jewelry projects to tackle!

STEP 4. Step out in style!

We can't wait to see what you create. Share your finished pieces with us on Facebook or Instagram, gift them to a friend, and most importantly, wear your jewelry and feel fantastic!


You know that friend who always looks at your beadwork and sighs, oh I'd love to know how to make that! SEND HER A BOX. 

You know that teenager who has her own flair and style and is always creating? SEND HER A BOX.

You know that friend or relative who really loves to bead but doesn't have a bead shop nearby? SEND HER A BOX. 

You know that beader (ok, YOU) who has a husband who never knows what to get her? HAVE HIM SEND YOU A BOX!

You can send gift subscriptions in one-month, three-month, six-month, and twelve-month increments. Your gift recipient will receive a beautiful gift card to announce the gift. If you're like me and left your shopping to the very last minute, this is a perfect solution. 

Testing the projects
Bead&Button associate editor Diane Jolie hard at work on a project. 


Every project that goes into a Facet Jewelry Box is first made by a member of our staff. The editors of Facet Jewelry and Bead&Button magazine prepare the instructions, photos and illustrations for each project, creating a lovely full-color booklet of the same high quality as our magazine and website. 

The beads and supplies are carefully chosen and sourced especially for each box. The colors are selected by our staff and are fresh and on-trend. You'll get everything you need (plus a few extras just in case) to create each project. You don't have to worry about winding up with a bunch of beads that you'll never use!

And even though the cost is low, the quality is high. You'll be saving as much as 50% off retail prices for brands like Miyuki and Fireline. 


Sign up today, and be making new jewelry by this time next month!

Visit for more information or to sign up. 

SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED! We're only producing a limited number of each box, and we don't want you to miss out. So go ahead and treat yourself today!