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Piano keys bracelet

Music fans will love this multi-octave keyboard. Embrace your inner groupie and wear this bracelet in support of your favorite keyboard player! Or make as a gift for a music teacher, musician, or someone just learning to play. 

You can make this bracelet longer or shorter by adding or omitting keys. A one-octave length would be suitable for a pin! What a lovely gift for the music teacher at school. 

The square stitch rows are added lengthwise, rather than across the band. This positions the thread between the beads so that you can use a fine-point marker wih permanent black ink to define the keys. To do this, fold the keyboard to expose the thread between the black beads, and color the thread between the black beads to make the two black rows look like one key.

To define the white keys, color the thread between every third row of white beads. A simple loop and button clasp completes the bracelet.


Need help learning square stitch? Facet can help! 

The basic stitch is easy, as you can see from this diagram. 

Need to make your beadwork wider? Learn how to increase.

Need to make it narrower? Learn how to decrease. 

Piano keys full bracelet
Piano keys pattern